Best Toys for Cats That Like To Chew

Top 6 Best Toys for Cats That Like To Chew

As a cat owner, you know many cats love their toys, but some of them like to chew their toys. This may damage their toys. If your pet has this behaviour, don’t worry because you can get many special options for this.

In this post, we will show you the best chew toys for cats on the market now. These toys are designed especially for cats who like to chew. Furthermore, they can even help to improve your pet’s dental health.

Top 6 Best Toys for Cats That Like to Chew Reviews

  1. Petstages Health Dental Cat Chew Toys

You need to consider your pet’s dental health. This factor actually important for his overall health. The fact is that most cat owners choose to feed their furry friends with treats or soft foods in order to prevent their pets from getting a chance to bite crunchy items.

This product is one of the most high-quality toys. Although they are not ideal for oral health, they are great for cats to play with. This model comes in a variety of colours, including green, grey black, orange, or blue. Therefore, you can easily choose the most suitable colour for your cat.

It is known for three textures to choose from. This is a lightweight cat toy. Therefore, your pet can carry it around with ease. However, it is still strong enough to deal with the chews from your pet. You always need to keep your eyes on your cat when letting him play with this toy. The only drawback of this toy is its small size.

  1. Petstages Chew Catnip Mice

In order to contribute to your cat’s general health, you need to give him good dental care. This way is also great to save your extra cash when you go for dental care at the vet.

As a pet owner, it’s important to go for the right chew toy for your pet. This cat toy is quite traditional. It promises to help your pet improve the dental and general health. Moreover, these toys are available in different colours such as pink, purple, and blue. So, it’s easy to choose one that fits your pet.

This unit is made of tough material to prevent your cat from chewing it. With this toy, you can keep your pet active all day long. Moreover, it’s ideal for interactive fun as well as solo play. Sure, your pet won’t feel bored. However, some customers complained about its catnip which is not heavy enough.

  1. Kong Hugga Cat Wubba Cat Toys

This product is designed to stimulate your pet’s senses of sound, sound smell, sight, and touch. This one is available in a wide range of great colours to choose from. They are all attractive.

It has a great size so your cat can carry it around with ease. Moreover, it brings an inbuilt rattle in the head. This toy is fun for your pet to play with. It’s built with a special material. Your pet can easily chew, snuggle, snag, and wrestle thanks to its super shape. Plus, it brings unique tails.

This toy looks like an actual animal because of the four tails. In addition, this cat toy has a great price. Plus, it comes with catnip your pet may be attracted by. However, this one is too big a bit.

  1. Cat Zuoao Catnip Toys Natural Sticks Cat Chew

This model is different from the others mentioned previously. You can choose this toy for both adults and kittens. It won’t cause any hassle. It offers many great features to keep your pet entertained.

It is available in a package of 6 sticks. For this toy, it’s best to use it 2-3 times for an adult cat. This one is 100% natural. It doesn’t come with toxic. Therefore, don’t concern about the safety of your pet. Moreover, it is able to improve your pet’s dental hygiene. This is because of its cleaning effect.

This toy is ideal for scratching, licking, or chewing since it brings a bark. However, some customers said that you may have to purchase a catnip stray to keep your pet interest since it’s not heavy enough.

  1. HDP Petstages Catnip Night Time Rolls

The HDP Petstages Catnip Night Time Rolls have smaller sizes. It lets your pet pick up and carry around with ease when he moves around the house.

They are available in 3 rolls in a pack. That’s why it’s great for owners who have multiple cats. The toy is designed especially to keep your pet entertained during your bedtime. It also comes with a good design that allows your pet to channel its energy.

The toy is made of soft material, so you needn’t worry about the noise when he’s playing at night. It brings a stick shape, so it’s great for swatting, kicking, orbiting. This one is strong enough to withstand constant chewing. However, it may come with sharp corners.

  1. CatTwig Silver Vine Sticks

If you are looking for high potency ones, we recommend you to choose this cat toy. It is a good consideration for owners who have cats that love to roll, chew, or lick. This one is beneficial to your pet’s dental health.

The fact is that you can use these vines with ease. You can let your cat play with this toy by themselves. A great thing about this model is that it’s made of 100% natural vine. Moreover, it’s an eco-friendly packaging.

It promises to give your cat great soothing effects. However, your pet may be bored using them after some time.


The fact is that different cats are accompanied by different personalities. However, if your pet is keen on chewing stuff, it’s a good idea to consider giving him a chew toy. This is considered one of the best gift for him. Now, think about all the products we mentioned above. Each of them has its own pros and cons. Consult our review to get the best choice for your beloved cat. Sure, your pet will be glad that you did.